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Rory Gallagher His Life and Times By Marcus Connaughton

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The Greatest Guitarist and Rocking Bluesman Of Them All !!! Rest In Peace

RORY GALLAGHER - Born March 2, 1948, Ballyshannon, Ireland

Rory Gallagher was an Irish blues and rock guitarist, singer and songwriter. Born in Ballyshannon, Co. Donegal, on 2 March, 1948, he grew up in the city of Cork. Based in London during most of his 30 year career, he toured extensively, sold 30 million records, and had a worldwide following of loyal fans. He died in London at the early age of 47, on 14 June 1995, from complications following a liver transplant. Although he had suffered health problems for some time, he toured until falling seriously ill late in 1994. Gallagher was a master of the guitar and he was influenced heavily not only by rock and roll, but by blues and jazz also.

Great article regarding Bob Geldorf's admiration of Rory

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News about the new Irish Tour DVD by RoryOn

Rory first touched my life in the early 70's while living in East Texas. Back then I listened to what was called "underground" radio stations, that played music not heard a gazillion times a day on the regular am and fm stations. His music was different than say the Stones or the Beatles, but every bit as good. He could play guitar with the best of them: Jimi Hendrix, Clapton or Jeff Beck. Many of his songs were not only rock influenced, but also by jazz or the blues. He chose not to be commercial like most bands and I liked that. I moved to Las Vegas in the spring of 1973 and lo and behold, Gallagher came to Vegas in a show I will never forget. 

He led off in the venue that had "Fleetwood Mac" before the girls (when they were good, my opinion anyway) and "Deep Purple" as the headliner. I was mesmerized by the whole show. Gallagher was fantastic (the main reason I went to the show). Fleetwood Mac was OK, but the kicker was when after a very long delay, the promoter came on stage to quiet the restless crowd. He said that Ian Gillan, the lead singer with "Deep Purple" had lost his voice and would not be able to perform. (The crowd grew belligerent) He also said that all the rest - Gallagher - Fleetwood - and the rest of Deep Purple had agreed to come out and jam. 

I thought this was a fantastic idea, but there were a lot of idiots in the crowd that night and within seconds a riot had broken out. Bottles were flying, chairs were flying, this big biker looking dude was pummeling some poor guy, this chick was scratching another guys eyes. I just sat there (luckily in the upper deck of the old Las Vegas Convention Center) not believing what was happening. I was among the last out of the place with two girls I went to the show with and we encountered more violence outside. Police cars overturned and fights. It was a really strange night. Great at first and then truly crazy !!

After the show I tried to find as many "LP's" by Rory as I could, cause now I really loved his music and could not get enough. I now have a pretty extensive Rory Gallagher library of some 25 CD's plus the old "LP's", and it is still growing. The best source I have found is:

I didn't know that Rory had passed away until 1997 while searching on the Internet for stories about him. To say the least I was flattened, devastated. My main goal is to touch someone else in the world that has not had the pleasure of hearing Gallagher belt out one of his blues songs or play his stratocaster guitar like no one else. I turn people on to Rory's music whenever I can. Cork, Ireland has to be proud of this guitar genius. I have links to other Rory Gallagher pages and lyrics, as well as Taste lyrics.


Rich Davenport's Rock Show this week (Thursday 16th February 21.00pm-23.00pm UK time at , repeated Saturday 18th, 08:00am - 10:00 am UK time) features an exclusive Rory Gallagher tribute interview with Rory's brother and former tour manager, Donal Gallagher. Sony Music in association with Capo Records and Legacy have recently re-issued the first six original Rory Gallagher albums in chronological release date order – “Rory Gallagher” (1971), “Deuce” (1971), “Live In Europe!” (1972), “Blueprint” (1973), “Tattoo” (1973) and “Irish Tour ’74” (1974). These seminal re-issued albums celebrate 40 years since the start of Rory’s solo career.

The interview features Donal's reminiscences about the period during which the albums were recorded, and discusses Rory's encounters with the likes of Slash, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan and John Lennon.

The show also includes two exclusive preview tracks from the bonus discs of the forthcoming Thin Lizzy deluxe remasters of the "Nightlife" and "Fighting" albums, courtesy of Universal Records and (members of the site have assisted in compiling the bonus materials on the albums), and which will be available on March 12th 2012.

And on top of all that, the show also brings you a mix of classic tracks and killer new cuts, including songs from Iron Maiden, Primal Rock Resurgence, UFO, The Red White & Blues, Molly Hatchet, Kill Devil Hill, Mr Big, and The Mariana Hollow, and will be available for streaming on Mixcloud from Friday 17th February at

In one instance, the question "Can a white man play the blues?" became localized with the unique query: "Can an Irishman play the blues?" And in the case of Rory Gallagher, the answer is a definite YES. Born in Ballyshannon, Co. Donegal, Ireland — an entire ocean away from the back porches of the American South—Rory got into the blues because, he explains, "First of all, there’s the raunchy sound. It’s not that clean tone that was the usual rock and roll style. Secondly, you didn’t have to work in a structured format—limiting yourself to a half-verse solo. You could improvise, and the solo didn’t have to be the same length every night. It was a much looser structure, and there were all sorts of new and interesting techniques that I could get into, like bottleneck, and all sorts of different tunings."
a quote from Rory   Thanks to John from RoryON for use of this quote.

The Evolution of Rory and his playing mates

A Taste Of Rory Gallagher, a great Irish tribute band


Click here to order Wheels Within Wheels - Rory's acoustic CD


The long-awaited autobiography of Gerry McAvoy will be launched over the weekend of June 3/4/5 at festivals in Rory Gallagher's hometown of Cork and his place of birth, Ballyshannon, Co. Donegal.

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Gallagher, Cork Ireland native really getting into his music !!!

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