The Evolution of Rory & his bands
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Rory bought his first guitar at 9 years old
Rory bought his Stratocaster at 15 and  joined the Fontana Showband '64
Fontana '64 Rory Gallagher (guitar) Eamon O'Sullivan (drums) Oliver Tobin (bass)
Bernard Tobin (sax/trombone) Declan O'Keefe (rhythm guitar)
Impact '65 Rory Gallagher (guitar) Johnny Campbell (drums) Oliver Tobin (bass)
Bernard Tobin (sax/trombone) Declan O'Keefe (rhythm guitar) Michael Lehane (organ)
Pre-Taste '65 Rory Gallagher (guitar) Johnny Campbell (drums) Oliver Tobin (bass)
Taste '65-68 Rory Gallagher (guitar) Norman Damery (drums) Eric Kitteringham (bass)
Take It Easy Baby '67
Taste '68-70 Rory Gallagher (guitar) John Wilson (drums) Richard McCracken (bass)
Taste '69 - On The Boards '70 - Live Taste '71 - Live at the Isle of Wight '71
'70-72 Rory Gallagher (guitar) Wilgar Campbell (drums) Gerry McAvoy (bass)
Rory Gallagher '71 - Deuce '71 - Live In Europe '72
'73-78 Rory Gallagher (guitar) Rod D'Ath (drums) Gerry McAvoy (bass) Lou Martin (keyboards)
Tattoo '73 - Blueprint '73 - Irish Tour '74 - Against the Grain '75 - Calling Card '76
'78-82 Rory Gallagher (guitar) Ted McKenna (drums) Gerry McAvoy (bass)
Photo-Finish '78 - Top Priority '79 - Stagestruck '80
'82-90 Rory Gallagher (guitar) Brendan O'Neil (drums) Gerry McAvoy (bass)
Jinx '82 - Defender '87 - Fresh Evidence '90
'92-95 Rory Gallagher (guitar) Richard Newman (drums) David Levy (bass)
Did not release a LP togeather

The purpose of this chart is to show the relationship of the three main instruments and how they evolved
To see who else contributed click on LP links

Fontana 64
Oliver Tobin
Eamon O'Sullivan
Impact 65
Oliver Tobin
Johnny Campbell
Pre-Taste 65
Oliver Tobin
Johnny Campbell
Taste 65 - 68
Eric Kitteringham
Norman Damery
Taste 68 - 70
Richard McCracken
John Wilson
Rory 70 - 72
Gerry McAvoy
Wilgar Campbell
Rory 73 - 78
Gerry McAvoy
Rod De'Ath
Rory 78 - 82
Gerry McAvoy
Ted McKenna
Rory 82 - 90
Gerry McAvoy
Brendan O'Neil
Rory 92 - 95
David Levy
Richard Newman

Thanks to John Spreckley for the info on the members Pre-Taste

Best of Taste cover
Taste Marquee
Rory Gallagher

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