Edged In Blue
Edged In Blue
Edged In Blue
1. Don't Start Me Talkin' (Sonny Boy Williamson)
2. Calling Card
3. Heaven's Gate
4. At The Depot
5. Brute Force And Ignorance
6.   Loanshark Blues
7.   I Could've Had Religion
8.   Ride On Red, Ride On (M. Levy, H. Glover, T. Reid)
9.   I Wonder Who (Morganfield)
10. Seven Days

'Edged In Blue' was released in 1992 as a compilation of Rory's career.

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Favorite Song From "Edged In Blue"
What is your favorite song from "Edged In Blue"?

Don't Start Me Talkin'
Calling Card
Heaven's Gate
At The Depot
Brute Force & Ignorance
Loanshark Blues
I Could've Had Religion
Ride On Red, Ride On
I Wonder Who
Seven Days

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