Rory Gallagher

Fresh Evidence - 1990

You're feeling haunted,
See those shadows on the shades?
You're stalking 'round the room,
Your name is on a blade.
The darkness 'round your neck
Is like a metal claw,
Who is gonna save you?
Who will hear your call?

Hear you call..yeahh..

You'll never get to heaven,
Putting money in the plate.
Can't bribe St. Peter,
When you're at Heaven's gate.
Right now you wonder,
How crazy things can be,
You dealt your own hand,
Five-card Destiny.

Roller-coaster, feeling from the floor.
Someone stole the, key right from your door.

Just what you needed,
Shadows on the blinds.
Feel so somersaulted,
Trying to keep your sense of time.
Lightning on the windows,
Just to seal your fate.
Who is gonna save you,
When you're at Heaven's gate?
Yeahh....heavens gate.

A big thanks to Triana
from Greece for help with these lyrics

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