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The long-awaited autobiography of Gerry McAvoy will be launched over the weekend of June 3/4/5 at festivals in Rory Gallagher's hometown of Cork and his place of birth, Ballyshannon, Co. Donegal.

Other Links

Chat link
Chat room that meets twice a week to discuss Gallagher


RoryON Home Page
A truly great tribute page. Best I've found so far. Many links to tributes, lyrics, etc. 
Article by RoryON
Rory Gallagher as a critic of others music. Quite interesting.
Interviews & Articles page
RoryOn interviews and articles main page. Tons of good reading.
A great article about Rory
A truly touching story of a fan who met Rory unexpectedly in Ireland!

CD's & Video's

The Hidden Grok
Super place to find Video's (formatted for USA) and rare CD's

PJ's Guitar Chords and Song Lyrics Site

Lyrics & Discographies

Rory Lyrics
Rory Gallagher Lyrics.
Taste Lyrics
Taste lyrics available here.
Rory Gallagher Discography
Rory Gallagher Discography from Taste to present.
Krister Hogberg's Lyrics for Rory Gallagher
Krister Hogberg's lyrics and tabs for Rory Gallagher
Keith Whalen's lyrics page
Keith Whalen's lyric page for Rory Gallagher.
Chrome Oxide link regarding Taste
A great Taste page with discographies.
One man's reviews of Taste
George Starostins reviews of various Taste LP's..
Links to hundreds of bands and Rory pages with lyrics of many bands.

Other Links/Bands influenced by Rory
Home page of the Dutch band Laundromat

A Dutch band named Laundromat
Home page of the Dutch band Laundromat
Suicide Shift   
A biker band from Chicago, who like Rory, play with passion. Ted McKenna played drums on four sets.
Amal creates some very original artwork of various rock artists, including Rory.
Guitar Solo
This site is dedicated to guitar players who want to improve their guitar technique, to add some new chops to their repertoire, to learn guitar scales or improvisation. The exercises inside include the basic craft, skills and techniques of the solo guitar.
The BMC Band
Barry admits to Rory being the single biggest influence on his career and supporting him on his last European tour as the highlight of that career.
Raw Gallagher
A Rory tribute band from the UK.
Hard Rock City
A French website that is a great hard rock enclyclopedia by YANN.
The Mississippi Sheiks
Swedish Blues band influenced by Rory. Krister is the webmaster.
Stomping Ground, an Aussie band
Rory's influence on Tony Watkins of Stomping Ground, an Austrailian band.
Mambo Sons
Tom Guerra, guitarist of the Mambo Sons says "Rory is probably the single guitarist who meant the most to me."
Video source
The Guitar Zone
Your source for guitar related links and information. TheGuitarZone gathers related links with info on guitars, effects, bass, etc.
Music review by Stereo Times giving Ireland born Gallagher his due.
The Sixties Blues-Rock Explosion
The Sixties Blues - Rock Explosion, the first volume in a series covering Sixties rock music, offers fascinating profiles of 41 artists.


PJ's Chords & Tabs  
PJ's Song Chords Guitar Tabs and Lyrics with free downloads for Guitarists and links to Guitar Lessons online.
Several of Rory's tabs can be found here including Moonchild and Signals.
Rory Gallagher Bottleneck And Slide Guitar Tabs
Several more of Rory's guitar tabs can be found here including "Empire State Express" and "Nothin' But The Devil" and "As The Crow Flies".
The Temple of Tabs
Ghost Blues, Signals, In Your Town, Laundromat, Moonchild, I Fall Apart and Pistol Slapper Blues.

Some great Rory tabs.


The 1st Rory Gallagher Homepage
First tribute page. Good source of stuff. Links to tributes, newsletters, lyrics etc.
Gallagher's Blues  
Kimmo Hagelberg, long time Rory fan's new website
Defender of the blues.  
A very interesting interview with Rory just after the release of Fresh Evidence by Anil Prasad.
A very nice Spanish tribute to Rory.
Rory Gallagher as viewed by this Spanish web master.
Maurice Finn's Rory Pages
Maurice's pages include Concert Lists, Reviews and a Fan Page. Sure miss the Name That Tune Page......
John Boyle's Homepage  
John Boyle's tribute page to Rory.
A Rory fanpage written in German by Ulli & Ilka  
A Rory fanpage written in German by Ulli & Ilka.
Elliott Murphy's Homepage  
Elliott Murphy's writing about playing with Rory.
Guitar Solo  
Free guitar site. The quickest method to learn scales, technique exercises, chops, improvisation tips, CAL programs, links. photos of Rory  
Concert photos of Rory during the 80's and 90's
Concert photos of Rory and other great artists.
The Guitar Web
Fred's Guitar...a Rory fan and a great site to view Stratocater gits, buy, sell & trade. Rich's story of meeting Rory in Hollywood. Fred is Rich's cat!!
Great Rory Site
Donman's tribute to Rory
The Donman's tribute to Rory Gallagher
Guitarist Paul Fenton's bio.
Paul saw Rory at 13 and was influenced enough to become a musicain himself. Later he met Rory and gave him a guitar.
Tony McLean's touching tribute to Rory.
Rory Remembered by Tony McLean
Keith Whalen's tribute to Rory
Great tribute page, many links.
Gary Hartman's Rory Gallagher page
A discography page with info on the band members from year to year.
Pierre's Rory site
Pierre's Rory site. Many Rory CD's can be found here.
Rory on magazine covers
Tribute to Rory
George Blade's Page to Rory
George Blade's tribute to Gallagher
Julian Wilkes tribute to Rory
Great Tribute page by Julian Wilkes who worked as the lighting designer/director for Rory Gallagher.
Stefanos's Rory Gallagher Page
Stefanos, from Greece has a wonderful page dedicated to Rory.
Great graphic, tribute to Rory
Desktop theme that pays tribute to Gallagher.
Paul Houston's tribute to Rory
Paul Houston's tribute to Rory.
Paula's tribute to Rory
Paula's (Mad Angel) tribute to Rory.
Arnt Petter Andersen's tribute to Rory
A great tribute page by Arnt Petter Andersen on this page.
Miguel Terol's tribute to Rory
A great tribute page by Miguel Terol.
New Rory Tribute Page by Herman, Carla en Rory van der Meijden of the Netherlands.
Bullfrog's Retreat
Bullfroggers Retreat is a new Rory website well worth the visit.
Pete's Rory Gallagher Page
Pete, a great Rory fan's tribute to the man.
We'll Always Remember/Rorys Tribute Site
Gallagher Tribute.
Rick Korster's canonization of an Irish hero
Tribute in Dallas newspaper.

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For Spanish speaking Rory Gallagher fans. - Amazing Concert Photos - Click 

Stefanos tribute page to Rory.

Classic Rock Page - they play Rory !!!

The Guitar Zone is a great source of links to the guitar greats including Rory Gallagher, Jimi Hendrix, and Stevie Ray Vaughn.

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