THE-LOOP is a mailing list and discussion group for fans of Rory Gallagher. Members will be notified of New Articles/Interviews or features on RoryON!! and of many other new postings by webmasters with Rory Gallagher pages.

Loop Members with websites about Rory

 Paul Houston
 Maurice Finn
 John Murphy
Steve Higgs

Are You in The-Loop?

There are two levels of involvement.

Level One  provides ONLY access to the member posts via the Yahoo/eGroups website.

Level Two is linked to an area of egroups for members only. Members will recieve the notifications listed above and will be able to communicate  with other members via an email list. Members can chose between getting all emails or a daily digest containing all posts in one email.

The Basics
This list was established to notify members about the new material posted to RoryON!! and other Rory websites, and as a positive place to talk about Rory and Rory related items.

Anyone posting to the list is expected to show respect at all times to each other, Rory and Donal Gallagher and act like adults. This is to be a pleasant place. Have fun and enjoy yourself, but show some respect for others. Most of the people here are serious Rory Gallagher fans and many recognize him as a person as well as a performer. Show them respect even if you only see him as a guitar player.

This list was set up to provide people with the information about the articles, but also to provide an alternative to existing mailing lists that have been unmoderated and have had behavior unbecoming a list dedicated to Rory Gallagher.

Joining this list, BY NO MEANS excludes anyone from being a part of any other!

If you'd like to be in The-Loop, email me  HERE


Stefanos tribute page to Rory.

Classic Rock Page - they play Rory !!!

The Guitar Zone is a great source of links to the guitar greats including Rory Gallagher, Jimi Hendrix, and Stevie Ray Vaughn.

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