Rory Gallagher

Top Priority (Remastered) - 2000

Is there a car straight under a light that's burning?
Prepared by your soul for all the secrets you're holding.
Step back in time machine for a mind that's frozen.
This is a mind that will challenge the full moon.
Capture on acid a man whose mind is exploding.

This is a life from the edge of the map that's turning.
There on a map they check on the eye of the beholding.
This is a flag for a mind that's frozen.
Don't look for more deep in the sun it's turning.
Ants all over your eyes broken ??? 

They're watching,
They've got you now.

They're showing pictures on a screen,
Time slips and places where you've been.

They're little secret of Saigon.
You trust them mostly to Hong Kong.

Guess what's right in the market place?
Selling secrets at the lowest price.
Eye to eye, come on it's your weakness.
A childish game, marked with foolish ??
Walking city, cat 'n' mouse charming.

They've got you - they've got you now.
They'll watch you - they've got you now.

Thanks to Dan Soper for his great help on this
most difficult song to understand.

This is how I hear this song, if you hear it differently, send me your version
and I will listen to it with your version and change what is appropriate.

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